Business Standby Generators Available in New Jersey

A power outage at the office is no small matter. With deadlines to meet, phone lines down, and profits dwindling as you wait for the power to return, and not to mention customer and employee safety while the lights are out, you need a solution to maintain power. Let us at W. Danley Electrical Contracting install a standby generator for your commercial property, and guarantee come rain or shine; you’ll still be up for business. Our generators can power numerous types of properties for varying lengths of time. If you would like to inquire about what type of generator will best suit your needs, then please give us a call today.

Commercial Generator Installation

Our licensed technicians are here to ensure that you receive the safest, most proficient installation in New Jersey. Our commercial generators can provide full power to large homes, commercial buildings and even schools. They are made of durable aluminum, and our all-weather enclosure option allows excellent protection from the elements.

Generators are very dangerous when not maintained, misused or installed incorrectly. That’s why we employ the best in the business, ensuring that each of our technicians is fully licensed and highly knowledgeable in the general guidelines of safe generator installation. You can trust your generator maintenance to our experts, keeping your existing systems running for a long time to come. The safety of you and your business is our top priority.

Importance of a Business Standby Generator for Your Business

Having a standby generator on your property is crucial for your business to continue running even when the power is out. We can assure that your business is always powered during an emergency, which includes critical hard-wired systems such as security systems, sump pumps, well pumps, large appliances, heating, and AC. If you want to ensure that your company will continue to run even during blackouts and bad weather call us at (732) 432-0164, and we will be able to schedule you a time for a FREE onsite assessment with our trusted technicians.