Pressure Washers

Getting sick of your pressure washer? Believe it or not, hundreds of thousands of Americans end up detesting the idea of getting theirs out and using it. Why? Nine times out of ten, they bought a model that wasn’t suited to their individual needs.

Many end up with professional grade pressure washers when all that they needed was a nice residential model suited for a deck or patio. When you have more washer than you need, the cleaning and maintenance demands of the machine can become a nuisance.

The Professional Advantage

That’s where Danley Electrical Contracting comes into the picture. We have over 90 years in electrical experience, specializing in machinery like pressure washers. We’re not here to sell you something you simply don’t need. Instead, we would rather see our customers happy with their new units.

Our highly trained experts are well versed in an assortment of makes and models, including which ones are better suited to particular tasks. We take the time to actually listen and hear what you have to say, then explain which models are the best fit for your cleaning tasks in plain English.

While we work hard to create matches made in heaven, we also understand that every man-machine relationship has its ups and downs. That’s why we provide support for you and your new pressure washer through training, follow-ups, and technical servicing when you need it.

Why Danley?

Since 1921, we’ve been leaders in the electrical industry from our home base in New Jersey. Generations of Danleys later, we’ve adapted to preserve our expertise in all things electrical without ever having to sacrifice our commitment and desire to place customers first.

When you need exceptional service from experts who get the job done, give Danley Electrical Company a call! (732) 432-0164