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    For a Company that’s been in the electrical business since 1921, one of the things that bothers me the most is to see how many people are taken advantage of day after day for their lack of knowledge concerning Electrical installations..

    We actually earned the right to have a double page advertisement in the yellow pages. We didn’t have financial backers to funnel money to us in hopes of gaining a profit.

    So, I hope to spell out the scams that many electrical companies with big expense accounts use to sell you poor electrical services at absurd prices.




    SQUARE D Equipment. Did you know there is a huge difference between a SQ-D equipment and most other manufacturers? Most Electrical Contractors will not give you a choice and install an inferior panel, such as GE, Cutler Hammer or Siemens. The problem with these other electrical panels is they have more of a tendency to overheat, corrode and their circuit breakers are not as sensitive, thus creating a hazard. So, you possibly saved a couple bucks, but now you have to hope that the circuit breaker will trip (or open the circuit) when a short occurs on the system.

    TYPES OF WIRING. Did you know there is a huge difference between Aluminum and Copper wire?

    Do you know why?

    Do you know to ask?

    Aluminum wire tends to heat up quicker and over time if connections are not maintained, could cause flickering lights and even worse….fire.

    This is important because your cost will depend upon it. You should NOT pay as much for Aluminum as you do for Copper, but that’s what other electrical contractors will install without you knowing or asking, but charge you the same!


    Did you know that many Contractors will obtain the permit applications for your town and then mark up the price? WE DON’T!! We obtain all your permits that are necessary to complete the job and ONLY charge you what it costs us.

    With Danley, we save you the time and frustration of dealing with your municipality filling out forms, waiting in line, and it won’t cost you ONE PENNY MORE.

    Here’s to making your electrical project Headache free with Danley!

    Walter Danley


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